Double bill movie time this week:
Mary Queen Scots stirred my Celtic blood and i warmed to Saoirse Ronan’s portrayal in Josie Rourke’s movie.

It is BASED upon historical facts and this alone had my racing for some checking

I liked that the gay and gender aspects are said to be close to the truth

The meeting between Mary and Elizabeth did not happen but I do like the non-arguable fact that for a period of historical time the two countries were ruled by women in a Mans world and one died peacefully (the other killed by the former). Times and life for all was rather ruthless and Im pleased life is more peaceful than as reflected and known from those times.

Movie is worthwhile seeing both in itself and as comparison with The Favourite which remains mine this year to date. My ranking is 3.5 from 5.

“Boy Erased” is based much more on the active erasure of facts of gayness in individuals and the scary fact that some 700,000 have been treated for their gayness in the USA makes this movie an important one.

Based upon a book by Garrard Conley of his personal experiences and directed by Joel Edgerton it deals with what is controversial in the USA and lunacy to most of us in that there are Centres where one can be “cured” of being gay. Rather ironic that the Centre that Conley was forced into by his parents was run by a guy called Sykes (played here by Edgerton himself) later went off and settled down with his husband. At least he found a cure.

Lucas Hedges gives a very good performance and his parents played by Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe are both very good in the roles. Kidman delivers and impresses beautifully as she becomes aware of what is happening.

Whilst in Liverpool on a very rushed visit i was able to pop into the Tate to see
an exhibition by Fernand Leger including his abstract mechanical paintings and 2 movies which were very interesting to see and experience.
and also South Korean artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho’s 2012 movie The end of the world- captivating. Time was short and this was close to where I was meeting for work.