End of festive season declared.
Yes, I know its over and for nearly everyone else its “long over”. However, for me the festive season of over indulgence has continued well into January when saner souls go dry vegan healthy. Not for me these silly short festivals of stomach size enhancing.

Scottish Ballet’s Cinderella at Theatre Royal the Saturday before last, was enchanting charming and delightful. The dancing magical, the sets and costumes beautiful. A special pleasure was the use of humour, slap stick style combined with the ballet. It ws a lovely opportunity to cast my mind free and let it be carried away on a vividly imaginative journey.

Alex Honnold is not a name I’ve come across before but then I’ve not been into climbing mountains without ropes nor with ropes. (acrylic nails is not the only reason). The National Geographic movie “Free Solo” is not intended just for those who want, crave, desire the challenge of life on the edge or what is for most of the time “below the edge” of the top of the mountain and well above the edge at the bottom. And no, its not a steep walking climb but a generally vertical bulging cliff scarce on foot holds. Yes, may have already guessed it was El Capitan in the Yosemite National park. The preparation in detail for the climb is not surprising and we were given a small insight into the workings of his mind literally and less so. The venue for the this movie was the homely and friendly Jam Jar Cinema in Whitley Bay and I will be eagerly back to this venue. Sadly they dont take jam jars any more as a reduction on the admission price (Im told the custom stopped in the 1970s.)

Last night i was entertained by the magic words of a tale about 3 murders, 2 suicides and a teenage romance. Told like that, you might ask why? and there is so much more to Romeo and Juliet than a body count. The setting modern with a versatile steel cube on the stage that was part shed, verandah and general prop. Juliet and Romeo were played superbly by Karen Fishwick and Bally Gill and the production was directed by Erica Whyman. Sampson by Stevie Basaula and the Nurse by Ishia Bennison were two other roles that were also top class. The only negative was that it took my ears the first act to atune to the language of Shakespeare cos those words do not enter my ears too much.

Next saturday am off to “Approaching empty” at Live Theatre