Double bill Movie Sunday found me enjoying 2 excellent movies.
Colette has excellent performances from Keira Knightley in the role of an innocent French country girl blossoming into one of France’s greatest female writers as the 19th century ends and the 20th begins. Her skills and talents are encouraged and in turn exploited by her husband played by Dominic West. His sexual antics inside and outside marriage also encourage Colette to explore her own romantic passions along the gender spectrum which blossom as much as her writing career does.
The transformation in Colette is beautiful to observe, the acting top class and the overall movie an 8/10 in my ranking.

Stan & Ollie as played by Steve Coogan and John Reilly was equally enjoyable. Focusing on the latter part of their career when they had reunited in the early 50’s and travelled to UK/ Ireland when many thought they had retired. Like Colette, their earlier career had seen them financially exploited and it was sad to see their UK tour start to near empty houses. But with Laurel’s clever writing and their combined perfect delivery of scenes and words they were a joy to observe. Their wives a good double act off stage in their banter. My ranking 8/10.

The week before I was enchanted and captivated by “The Favourite” with superb action from a trio of the finest actresses. The script razor shop and blunt, costumes and sets superb and beautiful photography. My favourite this year at 10/10.