The MacBeth production by National Theatre at Theatre royal was visually impressive in terms of stage set and disappointing to me at least in terms of characters and their various soliloquys where I had hoped to get a better understanding of their descent through increasing cruelty and madness. Witches confusing but do a lot of running and pole climbing (again a play to the visual senses rather than talking. Second half (acts 4,5) better than first half which also suffered from lack of pace other than for a party (visually good). The beheadings are suitably gory if that is your thing and the so called “post-apocalyptic” setting just a 2-worded expression to use charity store modern clothing ignoring any attempt as to how we got there in time but not dialogue. My eyes were pleased but ears and mind disappointed.

Despite that, it was a great night out with excellent company in Newcastle with several late night establishments in and around Grey St.

Allards on the Quay opened on Friday and I enjoyed lunch yesterday in this impressive looking eating-drinking venue. My selected tapas of white anchovies in chilli and a seared scallops with black pudding and mush peas a delight to the palate and exceeded the ordinariness of the ingredients. A lot of money spent on renovating a spacious venue (2 floors and a cant wait for summer back yard area) with chandelier, stacked shrunken skulls, comfy luxurious seating and a price premium to the rest of Fish Quay which complements the whole area and the already distinctive quality of other establishments. A pub and eating crawl along its length is much more challenging than before.

Next weekend am off to don’t forget the birds at live theatre