Four movies and a Play
“American Animals” features a bird and some bird pictures and is wonderful movie on how not to rob some very valuable books about birds and animals. Its based very much on factual idiots (american in this case) delivered in a much better movie than any synopsis might convey of this robber crime genre but might be worth waiting for on the telly some day. The ending allows an opportunity for the actual crooks to open up alternative and insightful views of the roles of the 4 protaginists played by younger men in this most inept intermittently comic actual robbery. 3 stars from 5.

“Lucky” features a wonderful animal called Roosevelt whose liberation antics (he was lucky) are very much an analogy for the challenges in life facing an ageing human star of this movie who is surprisingly called Lucky as has not been for quite some time. Human kindness helps transform the quality of his life. I see many traits of Lucky common to those who might read this. Script, Music, and Camera work are excellent. No other Roosevelts appear. 4.5 stars from 5. PS smokers will enjoy this movie.

“The Rider” is a wonderful movie featuring several horses who are much better looking than the human stars, the main one of whom has to come to term with impact of an accident on his ambitions working with horses. He adapts and all ends….. will not spoil. The script is realistic, camera work excellent, music good. 4 stars from 5.

“Cold wars” is for the linguists (4 european languages at least) or those who okay with subtitles ie can read. Shot in black and white it is very well done looking at love between a Polish couple post WW2. It does not get into the minds of the lovers which is in my opinion a weakness. 3 stars from 5.

The Play this week was “War of the Worlds” at Northern Stage coming soon to a NE regional theatre including Exchange at NS. An excellent cast of 4 with a minimalistic stage deliver a clever north east adaptation of the original WotW. you dont know the story? eeekkksss. 4 stars from 5.