Sex murder violence, glorious singing and fab music. Night at home? Of course not. “Tosca” by Puccini at Theatre Royal was a delight in timelessness of what appeals to the emotions and senses. Singing voices of the various leads was out of this world and proof to humble me that its not just London that can be tops.

Earlier in week also enjoyed “Merry Widow” also by Opera North with great and funny singing-script. That’s my Opera for 2018 as Opera North only return in March.

Reading enjoyed this week has been “Irish revolution: 1912-23: Waterford” and gutted (not quite literally) to see that neither my catholic nor protestant ancestors feature. This confirms my atheistic journey as an alternative to their religious anonymity. The book itself was a great analysis of family political and most interestingly for me the struggles of the working people for a decent wage.
“Property” by Valerie Martin was an intriguing portrayal of s slave owning self justification of their property owning rights. Inside the skin of the slave owners (told from the views of the wife of the owner) and repulsed by the attitudes reflected. Cannot reconcile bible handlers-cradlers-huggers with mistreating humans. A worse version of Irish labourers in the other book.

Next week’s play is “Clear white light” at what is my favourite Tyneside theatre “Live theatre”. Gothic tale in austerity setting with music.