I would not buy a car using deferred payment terms (interest) without knowing the monthly cost. I would not order a meal in a restaurant without knowing the likely cost, nor accept a salary for a new job without knowing my future income.

But just north of me, today in Scotland some close on 4 million voters with the voting age reduced to 16 (good idea for this vote) will decide on whether to sever the link with the rest of UK and become independent. The “No” votes were in the lead but the arrogance of their campaign, their negativity and the deep rooted feeling by the electorate of isolation from the elite in London closed the gap and it will be decided more than likely by the decisions of the until today “undecided”. Polling booths close in a few hours and the vote will be known in the morning. There is a 50% chance approx that major changes lie ahead.

I would have preferred to see a 2 stage voting process whereby the campaign for independence would at first participate to see if there is interest. Then there would be a period of negotiation of the detail over say 18 months. Not everything would be resolved but there would be a clearer vision of the future including its costs in political, international and economic terms. Then the people could vote based on informed awareness of knowns and unknowns.

It is however good to see democracy in action and the the situation eg the Ukraine would be far less destructive if they were allowed to vote for unity or division. A far better compromise in this country would be to see powers devolved more from the centre to regions. There must be a reduction in central bureaucracy and not an additional layer as was the previous efforts. Health education and social welfare would be better managed at local level, Infrastructure security at national.

We (R-UK & Scotland) are both weaker separate.