Britain would not be Britain without challenges. Back during the 2nd World War (Im told) the expression the Blitz spirit entered the lexicon to reflect the resilience of the bombed civilian population. This Christmas its the floods in the South, and blackouts. More flooding forecast tonight on saturated grounds. The media celebrates the resilience of victims

We have been told of global warming and how the sea levels will rise. Most scientific evidence supports this prediction. There is correlation in evidence but the causality as been 100% human is less certain. A bigger elephant in the room is not discussed.

The reality is that the south of England is sinking in response to the north of the country rising. This is not due to Scottish nationalism but a delayed response by nature to the departing of the icesheets a few hundred thousand years ago.

In summary approx half the reported forecast rise in sea levels is due to the sinking land which gets scant attention in the media.

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The attached article outlines in summary the scientific work covering predictions of Scotland rising by 10cm and the south sinking by 5cm over the next century. Not many other articles since 2009 such is the importance of this, (in the eyes of the media).

Some more interesting evidence see sections 2.5.1 of region 7 report on the south east coasts on the following weblink