We are being warned this morning about a lack of enthusiasm for the forthcoming elections for this new £100,000+ role. Already a turnout of 18.5% is being forecast which hints of spurious accuracy. I will vote, will you? but you should (please)

But who will we be voting for in the UK and more particularly in the North East.

No election material has tainted my post box and yet Im very concerned that a public service that has been most supportive of me personally from time to time may itself

become tainted badly by this new role. Focus may become lost, resources misdirected.

I have 3 problems with this new role. Firstly: Nationally as in English Welsh nations (this time) we are being divided into 41 constituencies and this new role will determine strategy and budgets but not operations. In that lies the first problem as the person who controls the purse strings does control operations.

Secondly the current line up of 3 men 1 woman represent the main political parties including UKIP and yet this is not meant to be a party political rule. Absolute balderdash. This will be a highly political rule as the prevailing occupants in 10 Downing will stretch and crack the whip of their ever increasing centralised political powers. The opposition of the day will do likewise. If the new puppet does not jump then they will be dumped. There are no independents here.

Finally the geographic area is too big making excluding independents due to logistics and funding. I would prefer more influence via my local council which is where I live.

My recommendation is to look at the candidate personally and at their track record in whatever sphere. Vote for the person not the party.

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