The Catholic Church in UK has criticised the plans of the Government to allow two men or two women to marry each other.

Marriage is an agreement between two people in love with each other to love and support one another. Its not a child breeding factory as some churches postulate.

Church and society are not mutually compatible and we live in a multicultural multi religious society including a large secular component.

There are legal and respect issues to marriage in society and I find no evidence that it is a preserve of the churches.

There should be 2 types of marriage in society a state / civil marriage ceremony and a church etc of your choice. The rights of dissolution / remarriage for each should be defined.

The catholic church has no monopoly on marriage or morality. It is a cruel and wicked organisation that has for decades covered up and protected child sexual abuse across many countries. Wikipedia puts the stats for the guilty at 1 in 20 priests in USA and they dare declare a hypocritical right to talk on morality,

Love is far stronger than a bunch of robed singular men wedded to a sad sick cruel out of date ideology. If you believe in it that is your affair but dont make your rules mine