The NHS retains a special place in the heart of the British population. To most of us it provides a good service but it has too many failures for its own good ie it could do better.

It main faults stem from its bureaucratic size and its desire to silence whistleblowers to mention 2, but is also impacted by an ageing population and the cost of newer medicine which are driving up costs.

The government would like to see more private sector involvement and as long as its not cherry picking then good, in theory.

However the problem of sub standard gel implants from a French company now closed reveal a serious problem in what the government is trying to assess. It is now been revealed that the defect rate (% which rupture) is 7 or 8 times higher than claimed of about 1% (the latter figure is one I found acceptable myself). The revelations have come from one UK provider of procedures which claims to do 10% of the market: welcome bit of honesty.

If private companies are manipulating failure rates then not only should the pay the cost of correcting the problem but should also risk being struck off the list of companies allowed to provide medical services.

Lying and cheating private companies have no place in the provision of heath care. The MHRA regulator also needs to re-examine its own procedures: I am not sure from the attached article what happened when the issue was raised years ago and recommendations for removal were said to have been made. Its murky and more details are required in the public domain

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