Much is been made about the cabinet papers released under the 30 year rule most of which should have been made available much earlier

The plan to let Liverpool go down the road of “managed decline” get headline from the BBC.

More interesting is the following report from Liverpool council which places it as the most deprived city in the uk for the period from 2004-2010 the periods covered by 3 separate studies.

The causes are not explored in the council document but it is a sad reflection on the quality of the political leadership that cannot be excused by recession or the party colours of the tenant of Number 10.

The plan for the future is littered with buzz words that should provide optimism but lack evidence of recent performance to provide comfort that there is sound logic for the future wishes which are largely dependant on figures not yet released. The failure to have statistics more readily to hand is a sad reflection on political talk rather than economic doing. As an example Gross Value added per capita on page 22 for 2009/10 is due for a big jump over 2008/9 figures and will be updated end december 2011. Future years then flatline which is not encouraging. This is as per report a key statistic of progress. Okay maybe I should be patient for January but they are probably writing the excuses.