We use the institution of our “free press” here in the UK as a distinction from nasty dictatorships. Sadly it is now under threat from the Police who wish to use the Official Secrets Act of 1989 which was itself designed to protect the State, to track down the source of leaks from their own service.

Its all linked in to the phone hacking scandals which has gone quiet in recent weeks as the Police supposedly continue to investigate and to contact the several thousand people who have had their phones hacked by Murdoch’s minions. The scale of which was denied by the police only a couple of years ago after an “investigation”.

From day 1 that this scandal was oozed into the public domain, the worst perpetrators of hacking in the form of News International have been involved in damage limitation. The Police have been guilty as anything in hushing up the situation and despite sitting on evidence, have played puppets to N.I. A few scalps have fallen but the depth of corruption and sleaze between the Police and NI has yet to be revealed in full. The silence of most of the politicians suggests that they feel incriminated and I cannot but suspect that they are inclined to silence less their wrongs of the past are revealed. I mean that no one knows officially how high or far the hacking went.

The police should concentrate on NI, its email deletion policy, its financial authorisation and reporting of payments to Private Investigators and the conflict in what has been reported so far as to who knows what. Its own senior management seem to have a different perspective to Murdoch and son. The threat of prosecution on a few secure facts should encourage a few more loose tongues. We need and deserve the truth.

In the meantime: Leave the Press alone.

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