First we had the outburst aided by hours of media coverage. Then outrage. Then we had the analysis assisted by lots of experts. This was followed by the sentencing which according to one analysis is resulting in sentences some 25% longer than normal. All this delivered through a legal system creaking and a prisons services at maximum capacity. A storm in a teacup or a warning of more to come? A couple of months ago the government and Ken Clarke in particular was heading towards softer sentences until there was a public backlash.There is much evidence that prison does not work an that many inmates go back to their evil ways. A criminal conviction does not help a job applicant particularly with youth unemployment at over 20%. Therefore we have gone towards using prison as a last resort. The public however see community sentencing as a soft option.We still await the report from the IPCC into why and how a guy in a car was shot prompting a peaceful protest initially. But that part was badly handled by the police. Regardless of the outcome it is obvious that a segment of society does not see itself as part of what we call society. It is a small but dangerous part. I believe that 1st offenders should be given a hefty community sentence with tagging and a curfew. Repeat offenders should get a serious custodial sentence. Those who attacked the police should do a very long time in jail. We expect a high standard from our police and miscreants in the service should be punished. However we owe it to the police service to ensure that those who attack them will get a very serious sentence. There has been much talk about respect and lack of respect but most important is ensuring that our police are respected in carrying out the job we pay them to do.