For the past few years the reports have been well researched and carefully prepared to a not insignificant cost of 130 million euro and some change.

The conclusion of the most recently published Cloyne report is that the Vatican was less than a reluctant participant in the inquiries both at the local and international level.

From this report in the Irish Times today my conclusion is that the Vatican used every opportunity to frustrate the inquiry into not only the physical and sexual abuse of children over several decades, but also tried to cover up its attempts to cover up for and protect the guilty parties.

Last week the Irish Taoiseach (equivalent Prime Minister) Enda Kenny launched a verbal attack on the performance of the Vatican and the papal representative has been withdrawn. It was a bold and brave move by an Irish politician because the political classes were guilty of turning a blind eye to the criminal activity of individual members and senior leaders of the Church.

Ever since Nixon and Watergate the cardinal (no pun) rule in such situations as the Vatican found itself is NOT to try and cover up the wrongs of the past, but to take the opportunity to present a new face.

Ireland and its people are far better and less subservient than they were 3 decades ago when I was looking for my wings to fly away. That is a good thing. The Vatican is still in denial and ignoring the concept of damage limitation. That is an insult to the victims and to Ireland.